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HoloNeo Uses

Add a new
dimension to
your life


A home device that will amuse your family and impress your visitors.


Showcase your products in events or gift it to your clients to capture everyone's attention.


The perfect desk gadget to show your logo and name.

School & Uni

An educational tool to show students 3D graphical presentations.
Controlling HoloNeo

HoloNeo Application

Download your favorite content

HoloNeo App will give you the ability to connect to NeoStore to find your favorite content and store it in My Holograms so that you can view downloads offline.

Content for all tastes & styles

HoloNeo App contains more then 10 categories for everyone to choose from such as children stories, holidays related themes.

Buy or Sell Premium content

The Neo Premium Marketplace is designed for you to sell your artistic creations, or buy extra special content featured on NeoStore.


What distinguishes holoneo

  • Handheld proprietary hologram

  • Mobile App to control & stream Holographic Content

  • Variety of content & categories in HoloNeo App

  • Built-in sound to enhance the experience

  • Multiple Pricing Plan

  • Superior Image Quality